I touch down in San Francisco a little after 9pm on September 30th. The plane ride was long, but manageable. I do feel exhausted, though, in the way that is so characteristic of traveling. Alan came back to SF five days earlier and it feels really good to be together again. Still, underneath the happiness and the exhaustion there is a distinct feeling of sadness. We drive back to his house, me nostalgically recounting my last few days with friends and family. Home already seems far away. When we arrive I fall face down into the bed. Alan makes us some chicken noodle soup that we eat in bed while watching Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s, “Cosmos”, on Netflix. Chicken noodle soup for the soul, it really does do wonders. I feel myself relaxing, feeling a bit more at home in this comfy bed next to the boy I love. Cuddling up together I have the best sleep that I have had in weeks.


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