Finally the weekend arrives. It seems like it’s been forever since Alan and I got to spend a full day together. As per usual we are already booked up, ‘ain’t no rest for the wicked’. In store for Friday night is a trip to our favorite Thai restaurant just down the street from our house (our house! So fun to say). The place is called Marnee and the woman who runs the show, Mai, is a regular powerhouse of a lady. She’s got a smiling face and a booming voice to welcome everyone as they walk in the door. With the two locations in the Sunset neighbourhood, it’s a must go to for anyone visiting.

We arrive shortly after 7pm and there’s a lineup out the door. No matter, we’re in good company to ride out the wait. With Alan and I are our friends Hank and Cam. We all met through Burning Man. Cam lived in one of the rooms in Alan’s house for a time, while Hank still lives in the basement apartment with us. Another, ‘thanks’, to Burning Man for sending some more awesome human beings into my life. Dinner is amazing, although the wait was long, and I practically lick my plate clean.

We all toss around the idea of going out to a bar after dinner and settle on having a few brews at home before we make any binding decisions. Cracking our beers we decide to skip the lines and expensive drinks and hangout at home. We all play video games together and I am practically in tears laughing most the time. Time flies and before I know it, it is already 2am.

After that night I am reminded that I do have friends in San Francisco. Good ones. People that I can waste the time away with, eating good food and playing silly games. During this transition it is hard not to feel like I am hanging off Alan’s arm all the time. Meeting his friends and getting invited to parties as a, ‘plus one’, can be challenging. It’s not that I’m resentful or that I don’t enjoy these parties, but it definitely strips away a certain amount of independence. I have had such a strong group of friends beside me for more than the last decade, that without them I’m left feeling lonely and more than a bit lost. Hanging out with Hank and Cam reminded me that there are people here who know me outside my relationship with Alan… and they like me! Ergo, new friends will abound soon!


One thought on “TGIF

  1. John Fryers says:

    Hi Bree! So good to hear about your ‘transition’. And your prose make reading about it fun. See you in a couple of days. Dad


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